Supporting Live Jazz Performance & Education

Supporting Live Jazz Music Performance


Pearl Django, performing at Boxley's

JazzClubsNW is committed to supporting musicians, live music venues, connecting fans and patrons, encouraging student learning and much more.  Since our inception, we have provided support for more than 4,000 gigs, for over 500 musicians and 600 students. Musicians involved with Jazz Clubs NW are making a positive difference in their communities and contributing to the legacy of a truly great American artform.

We support musicians in the following ways:

  • Financial support for live music venues, so they can properly compensate professionals for their performances
  • Scholarship support for student lessons, to help make lessons with professionals more affordable
  • Promoting featured artists' recording projects to our membership
  • Sponsorship of regional festivals, such as the North Bend Jazz Walk and North Bend Blues Walk
  • Helping create additional venues for Jazz
  • Funding of clinics and workshops
  • Advertising programs and partnerships to increase attendance at events


Mark Elf & Paul Gabrielson

Clinics & Workshops
JazzClubsNW also provides support to students for workshops and clinics. If you have a program that you would like us to consider supporting or offering, or if you would like to make your services available with some of our existing workshops, please contact us at: jazzclubsnw@gmail.com.

Great Musicians Supporting JazzClubsNW

At JazzClubsNW we are honored to have a great team of Jazz musicians working with our student groups. These mentors work with student groups on a weekly basis helping them learn about Jazz and performing with them. Musicians are added often as new student groups form, and they also rotate from group to group offering a chance more students to work with and perform with each professional. This list changes often based upon the availability of these professionals and their busy schedules.

[Click here to check out our musician profiles and see who is getting involved...]

JazzClubsNW Supporting Live Jazz Performance & Education

JazzClubsNW is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to supporting live Jazz performance and
educational opportunities across the Pacific Northwest and within the communities in which we live.

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