Supporting Live Jazz Performance & Education

Supporting Students


Mount Si Students, performing at Boxleys

JazzClubsNW is committed to helping students through the support of various programs, including:

  • Ongoing recurring exposure to live performance of Jazz
  • Small-ensemble workshop programs and combo classes
  • Support of clinics and teaching forums with professional artists
  • Performance opportunities with professionals
  • Scholarship programs to help support private lessons
  • Recording opportunities and assistance with creating demo recordings
  • Access to professional musicians in a family friendly environment
  • Participation in a regional Jazz festival, the North Bend Jazz Walk

Music and music performance is very important to us and we are excited to support these and other programs to come.

If you are a student, or parent of a student, and want to participate in one of our student programs, contact us or email us at: jazzclubsnw@gmail.com. 

About Jazz Heads & Future Jazz Heads

Future Jazz Heads is a program started at Boxley's in 2010 as a way to provide mentorship and performance opportunities, with professionals and students on the same stage. The program has grown over the years to become the genesis of many student groups. We welcome high school and middle school students and offer them opportunities to play and get advice on musicianship, Jazz standards, form, soloing and group leadership. The Jazz Heads also perform at many community events. If you are a student, or parent of a student, and want to participate in Jazz Heads or Future Jazz Heads, email us at:  jazzclubsnw@gmail.com and let us know. Or just check the Boxley's schedule and come on out and meet the organizers and listen at first.

Future Jazz Heads, performing at North Bend Block Party


Student Combo Classes

At the House of Music Tuesday nights, students are rehearsed and instructed by some of the best Jazz musicians in the Northwest. Students learn basic song forms like blues and rhythm changes as well as standard songs of the Jazz idiom. They learn how to perform and interact in a small group setting, how to improve their reading and improvisational skills. Some of the combos for more advanced students are themed and based in the style of an historic Jazz band, such as Art Blakey and the Jazz Messenger's, Miles Davis, Horace Silver, etc. Students have the opportunity to perform multiple concerts at the venue space itself, learn how to plan a proper set list and prepare for & run a gig. Email us at: jazzclubsnw@gmail.com.

Vocal Workshops

Boxley's (North Bend, WA) has expanded its programming to provide vocalists with their own night to perform Jazz standards, with professional accompaniment. This workshop is from 5 to 7PM every other Monday, and it is open to High School and College level vocalists. We will expand as the program grows. If you are a student, or parent of a student, and want to participate in this program, email us at:  jazzclubsnw@gmail.com.

Special Clinics

On special occasions and events, JazzClubsNW sponsors clinics (or partners with local schools to do clinics) and workshops for Jazz education. Watch the schedule for these opportunities, and come show your support. If you are an educator or parent involved with a student organization that is interested in programming for clinics or workshops, email us at:  jazzclubsnw@gmail.com.

JazzClubsNW Supporting Live Jazz Performance & Education

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